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Just like regular ‘ole karaoke we’ll have music, lyrics, and a mic for you BUT UNLIKE regular ‘ole karaoke the song list will be 100% Broadway showtunes.

Let’s Sing!

Arrive early to enjoy a few drinks with friends and have something to eat while we pipe in an awesome B’way playlist through the lobby sound system to get you in a Great White Way mood. This is also when performers will head up to the Casting Table to add your name to the hat (tricorn for Hamilton, black pointed for Wicked, of course) that corresponds to the song(s) you’d like to sing.

Come channel your inner Patti, Mandy, Julie, Kristin, and Adele Dazeem!

At showtime our host will draw names at random to cast the roles for each of the songs in the night’s cast album. Then, those selected will take to the stage, mic in hand, to wow the crowd with impressive interpretations of well-loved Broadway hits. Didn’t get picked? Just add your name to an upcoming song, and be sure to return for future Broadway Karaoke nights to vie for a chance to sing your favorite role and song.

Broadway Karaoke V1: “Broadway Playlist”

On “Broadway Playlist” karaoke nights, our host will take guests through a pre-selected, totally awesome playlist of all the best Broadway showtunes. We’ll sing hits from Grease, Mamma Mia, Hairspray, Wicked, Dear Evan Hanson, Mean Girls, and so much more! The lyrics will be on the big screen (like you don’t already know the words!) and in between songs, you’ll learn choreography to perform together, opt-in for themed games, and have a chance to answer Broadway trivia for prizes. This event is an absolute must for any Broadway fan.

Broadway Karaoke V2: “It’s Showtime!”

On “It’s Showtime!” karaoke nights, we’ll take our places for the top of Act 1 and sing through an entire score of a hit musical! Musicals like Wicked, Les Miz, and Hamilton – all have scores with not one, not two, but two full acts jam packed with songs we all love to sing. So sing them we shall! (Note: for some particularly loooong shows, we’ll hit Act 1 and Act 2 on separate nights or perform a truncated songlist. Yeah, we’re talking about you, Hamilton. 🙂

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