at 3Below Theaters
288 S Second St, San Jose, CA
288 S Second St, San Jose, CA

San Jose Playhouse brings Live Cabaret to 3Below

The perfect cabaret experience is a three-way relationship between the audience, the singer, and of course, the songs. It takes a rare and talented performer to present interpretations of song and make you hear them as though for the first time, as they pour their life experiences into their performance. Our scout seeks out only the most captivating artists to bring our Cabaret Series to life.

In our newly redecorated theater, you can escape the confines of your living room and enter a world of imagination and song as each month we present a new artist to entertain you. Each set list includes favorites and lesser-known gems, all accompanied by world class pianists who aid our vocalists on their journey into your hearts.

Save The Date for Cabaret Night!

Events will be updated as talent is booked so check back to see if you’re favorite vocalist is on our schedule