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Q: Can you describe the accessible seating and overall access in the venue?

A: The entire venue is free of stairs. Guests can enjoy flat surfaces and ramps to get anywhere in the theaters, lobby, and restrooms.

When you arrive in our lobby, you’ll find the restrooms are in the far left corner with large stalls for wheelchairs including a private sink.

The theaters are on the far right of the venue. Theater 1 has portable seating that can be configured to accommodate those with wheelchairs.

Head a little further up the slightly inclined concourse to Theater 2 and you’ll find two rows designed to accommodate wheelchairs. When buying tickets, choose seats G3, G4, H2, or H3 if you want an open space for your wheelchair. Seats G2, H1, and H4 are sold as companion seats. Once you select a wheelchair space adjacent to one of those three seats, you’ll be able to select a companion seat.

To get to Theater 3, continue up the concourse and turn left. When buying tickets, choose seats M2, M3, M6, M7, or M10 if you want an open space for your wheelchair. Seats M1, M4, M5, M8, and M9 are sold as companion seats. Once you select a wheelchair space adjacent to one of those three seats, you’ll be able to select a companion seat.

In Theater 3, we also have four seats with armrests that raise and no chair sidewall designed for guests who want to use their walker or wheelchair to get to their chair and then transfer out to a theater seat. NOTE: you cannot leave your wheelchair or walker in the aisle adjacent to any of the transfer seats. Your walker or wheelchair will need to be stored at the back of the theater (space permitting) or in the lobby. If you cannot be without your walking assist or would not be comfortable waiting for someone to bring it to you, please book seats M11, M12, M13, or M14 since you’ll have more access to your walker or wheelchair than you would in rows E or H.

Q: What should I wear to the theatre?

A: Audience dress tends to be casual and business-casual. Themed clothing/costumes are always welcome and encouraged. For special events or opening nights, event publicity will include mention of specific attire recommendations. It’s good to bring a sweater or a shawl in case you find the air-conditioned theaters to be a bit cool.

Q: How early must I arrive?

A: The venue is open 30 minutes prior to the first event of each day; check our schedule for showtimes. You are welcome to arrive early to your event to enjoy a visit in the lobby and wait for your entertainment. Plan on arriving between 15-30 minutes prior to any event to ensure all guests can be seated and the event start on time. You’re encouraged to arrive early to find parking, enjoy a refreshment, have something to eat and read the play’s program. Movie screening times vary and are often booked back-to-back but the house will usually open 15 minutes prior to the posted start time.

Q: Are unaccompanied children allowed in the theater? Can my child sit on my lap?

A: Tickets must be purchased for any child attending a performance, and children must be seated with a parent. Babes-in-arms are not permitted in the theaters. Please contact the Box Office and speak with one of our representatives regarding the content and length of the production to determine if it seems suitable for your child. Should your child become restless during the performance, management may ask you to adjourn to the lobby.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drink?

A: No outside food or drink is allowed in the venue. At 3Below, the lobby and outdoor seating is limited and reserved for patrons who are purchasing food and/or beverages from the bar and café. Food and drinks purchased at 3Below are permitted in the theaters.

Q: Can I text, tweet or take pictures during the show?

A: We invite you to take photos pre-show, at intermission and post-show, but kindly tuck your camera away during the performance. Feel free to share your experience by tagging our social media accounts.

Q: Can we come backstage after the show and meet the cast?

A: No, however, during most performances the cast will host an informal meet in greet in the lobby.

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