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“The Art of Making Art” Artist Showcase

Join us in celebrating and supporting local artists with a showcase and fundraiser!

Many will be familiar with 19th century artist Georges Seurat and his quintessential impressionistic painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, but some may not know there is an award-winning, highly celebrated musical by Stephen Sondheim called SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE that features the painting as the centerpiece of the story.

San Jose Playhouse is presenting the musical SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE and wants to do for local artists what the musical does for Seurat: celebrate and showcase local painters, sculptors, and other artists by showcasing the art of a different local artist at each of the 18 performances AND accepting donations for the artists or the art-centric beneficiary of their choice.

Artist Showcase

People from all over the Bay Area will be coming to see SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE at San Jose Playhouse to get to know George Seurat, the artist at the center of the musical’s storyline. But why not also give the audience a chance to get to know local artists, see their work, and support their efforts by using the musical as an opportunity to host an Artist Showcase and Fundraiser for the artist or the artist’s art-centric beneficiary of their choosing.

There are 18 performances of SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE giving us 18 chances to feature a local artist:

  • Before, after, and during intermission of performances of SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE, the featured artist will be able to showcase their work in Theater 1 at 3Below Theaters. There will be an open space for easels, tables, and/or podiums as well as stage.
  • During the curtain speech of the performance, our MC will introduce the artist, thank them for attending, and encourage patrons who missed the showcase pre-show to visit it before leaving.

    Donations for the Artists

    In addition to the Artist Showcase, San Jose Playhouse will give the artist the opportunity to raise funds to support their own work or that of an art-centric beneficiary (like a school or museum) on their behalf. To benefit from this option, what we ask of the artist is that they promote the show date along with a tracking code to their friends, family, and network encouraging them to attend SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE. If at least 20 tickets are purchased with the artist’s tracking code, San Jose Playhouse will turn the hat following the performance to collect on-the-spot donations for the artist.

      Information for the Artists

      1. Artists who specialize in the drawing, painting, sculpting, or architecture may be nominated for the showcase.
      2. A date during the run of SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE will be mutually agreed upon as the artist’s showcase date. Dates are assigned first-come, first-served. Artists will provide up to three dates preferences.
      3. San Jose Playhouse will promote the schedule of artist showcases to its e-list, to the press, and in advertisements.
      4. The artists will each promote their showcase date to their network. San Jose Playhouse will provide media asset to make promotions easy.
      5. On the chosen date, the artist will arrive at our theater to find an open space in Theater 1 where the artist can set up their artwork. We will provide tables and tablecloths. The artist will provide their artwork and any display needed beyond tables (e.g. easels or risers.)
      6. The artist will be stationed in Theater 1 before the show, during the show, and/or after the performance of SUNDAY IN THE PARK… so guests can visit them to explore their work. If the artist is interested, they can also use the theater for a mini presentation; there is a stage and a microphone available.
      7. The artists is welcome to sell their art at the showcase if that is of interest. If the artist would like to sell their art but does not have a way to accept funds on-the-go, we can process the sales for a 10% fee to cover credit card and coordination charges.

      Nominate An Artist