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Rent 3Below Theaters for Your Next Event

3Below Theaters is available for special event rental. When you work with us, you get skilled pros adept at event planning who will make sure you’re getting exactly what you need for your event. Our venue has three theaters, each with its own amenities, and improvements are being made on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting the needs of modern event producers.

Theater 1 | Stage

Seating Capacity: up to 63
Seating Type: Flexible
Stage: 18’ wide X 8’ deep
No screen; there are wall-mounted, horizontal monitors on both sides of the stage for projected information

Theater 2 | Stage & Screen

Seating Capacity: up to 63
Seating Type: Flexible
Projection Screen: 25’ wide X 18’ tall
Stage: 16’ wide X 8’ deep

Theater 3 | Stage & Screen

Seating Capacity: 168
Seating Type: Fixed
Stage: 40’ wide X 20’ deep
Projection Screen: 35’ wide X 18’ tall

Turnkey Rentals

We receive dozens of rental inquiries a week and most are for the same type of event: a few of hours on a single day to watch a film or host a presentation with needs for basic projection, audio, and lighting along with some kind of food and beverage package. Rather than each of us spend our time to build out a custom estimate, we’ve created House Parties which are ideal for family gatherings like birthdays as well as private corporate events like product launches or employee recognition events.

House Parties are turnkey events with options for minimal customization (e.g. selecting your own film title) that usually serve the needs of most renters. Before you take time to complete the rental intake form on this page, please check out our House Parties to see if one of those options works for you.

Custom Rentals

For those in need of a rental with more involved requirements like a longer time frame, use of multiple areas of the venue, expanded technical needs, box office, catering, etc., we are happy to work with you to build an estimate.

The main thing we need in order to move forward is your desired dates(s). We already have many events booked on our production calendar so it doesn’t make sense for us to provide an estimate if we already know we cannot accommodate your booking. Please see below for dates we already know are unavailable for rentals.

To begin your rental process, kindly complete the form on this page. We will get back to you just as soon as possible with an estimate.

Non-Rentable Dates

Here are dates in 2024 that we already know to be offline for rentals; we will do our best to keep this list up to date but depending on when you view the list, we have other events or rentals pending not listed here. No dates is set for a rental until you receive confirmation from us.

Theater 3 | February 11 – March 27
Theater 3 | April 14 – May 22
Theater 3 | June 30 – August 11
Theater 3 | September 1 – October 16
Theater 3 | December 1 – 31

Note: during the above date ranges, we may be able to accommodate events on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sunday evenings as long as the renter does not require projection and is comfortable hosting their event on the stage with a theatrical set or paying for pipe and drape to mask the theatrical sets.

Rental Inquiry