at 3Below Theaters
288 S Second St, San Jose, CA
288 S Second St, San Jose, CA

Theatre Classes for Seniors

Gain insight to the discipline of theatre by learning about one or more of the basic styles of acting and/or by joining a chorus. These classes provide the essential background to professional acting and singing. Each class will end with a final showcase for friends and family to come explore all of the fun and hard work that was put into the quarter! We welcome students of all abilities, including those with disabilities and children who are developmentally typical.

Adult Ensemble

Each session, students will have the opportunity to get a taste of multiple aspects of theatre arts by enjoying one class each in a number of subjects. We’ll start by covering Basic Stage Skills in the first couple of classes where you’ll learn the language of theater. Then, in each subsequent class, students will be given an introduction to a variety of specialities: playwriting, makeup design, costume design, clowning, dance, improvisation, basic music theory, puppetry, and much more – all chosen by the participants. The goal is to help students discover untapped interests in any of the many fields of theatre arts.

No experience necessary: this is an opportunity for interested adults to explore their creative talents as well as meet other people in a fun framework to explore the rich diversity and talents of the local community.

Community Chorus

Music and theatre lovers age 18 and up with a love of singing and working with others are invited to join San Jose Playhouse’s Community Chorus. 

Sing songs and learn great music with folks who love to sing under the tutelage of professional music directors, and perform a concert at the end of each session. 

No previous experience is necessary; just a willingness to get involved, take part and have fun!

Reading Group

Whether you’re an avid reader or want to get back into reading for pleasure, come along to San Jose Playhouse’s reading group. We meet one morning per week to sit back, relax and listen to stories and poems being read aloud, share your thoughts and meet new people. This is a very informal gathering, to encourage everyone to share their thoughts on what is being read. No experience or knowledge required, just interest and enthusiasm!

Stage & Screen Society

Movie and/or theatre lovers age 55 and over are invited to join San Jose Playhouse’s Stage & Screen Society. Each weekly meeting will feature workshop activities, discussion, the opportunity to meet and talk with writers, directors and actors, and much more. Come for coffee and conversation, and the chance to be part of San Jose Playhouse as a member of the Society.

Senior Ensemble

Senior Ensemble

Coming soon!

Are you 62 or older and interested in taking part in theatrical activities and performing at San Jose Playhouse? Then come and join our Senior Ensemble!

We meet on Monday mornings from 10.30am-12.30pm at 3Below, where we take part in workshop activities, play games together, devise our own productions and have the opportunity to meet and talk with writers, directors and actors at San Jose Playhouse.

“I’ve found it such fun and just grinned for two hours on a Monday to start a week in a better way. It’s so inclusive and a very positive atmosphere” ~ San Jose Playhouse Senior Company Member

Anyone aged 62 or over may participate. No previous experience is necessary, just a willingness to get involved, take part and have fun.

Applications can be made online here. Paper copies of the application form can also be sent or emailed to you and returned by post or email. The Manager will also be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Questions About The Academy?

Feel free to contact us and we’ll respond as soon as possible.