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Theatre Classes for Teens

Gain insight to the discipline of theatre with these classes offering introductions to basic styles of acting. These classes provide the essential background preparing for college auditions and professional acting. Each class will end with a final showcase for friends and family to come explore all of the fun and hard work that was put into the quarter! 


Teen Ensemble ~ 3Below’s Teen Apprentice Program

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A Top-notch Theatre Arts Education Program for Aspiring Professional Teen Actors

Each term, our dynamic theatre company for actors ages 14-19. Each term our Teen Ensemble develops performance skills through weekly workshops before putting them into practice in professionally supported performances at 3Below. Offering teens of different ages and backgrounds more than just a safe haven, Teen Ensemble provides an opportunity to develop character, belief, creativity and passion.

“The Young Company offers people of different ages and backgrounds more than just a safe haven. It provides them with an opportunity to develop character, belief, creativity and passion. All these are things that set one apart in life, and San Jose is blessed for it! I saw myself grow in confidence, ability and knowledge. Now I take the experience with me wherever I go and wear it proudly as a badge of achievement.” ~ 3Below Young Company Member

This exclusive Master Class Program offers teen performing artists challenging and rewarding master classes in myriad fields of the creative and performing arts. The program provides students with discipline and purpose, stressing the importance of punctuality, performance, and etiquette. Inspiring creativity, we refine and focus the talent, commitment, and enthusiasm of our teens in a fun, nurturing environment; providing its students with a foundation to express, expand and explore their imaginations.

  • Receive instruction from industry professionals Intimate class size ensures lots of one-on-one attention
  • Learn how to apply their skills to solos, duets, and small casts/groups
  • Meet other teens with similar aspirations and interests

Placement in the Teen Ensemble is by audition only. Spaces are limited. The program is open to students aged 14-19 who live, work or go to school in the greater San Jose community.

To apply, please complete the online application which can be found here. Video Submissions will be accepted year round.


Acting Styles:

From farce to slapstick, pull out the stops and make ’em laugh by integrating basic technique with comedic flair. Clowning and basic stage combat will also be part of this class.

This fun course will explore the fundamentals of becoming a strong, young actor. Students will learn how to utilize vocal/physical training, theatre games, and improvisation to enhance their skills and build upon their theatrical education. Students acquire improved communication skills as well as self-confidence for performance.

Acting Styles:
Musical Theatre

Perform the best of American Musical Theatre and create characters through song and dance!

Musical Theatre is the most popular form of theatre in America today. It’s exciting, magical and the fun is contagious! Students will experience musical theatre through ensemble singing, movement, acting exercises and solo work to take their skills to the next level.

Students will be broken up into two skill-based groups on the first day to ensure the best opportunity for individualized attention and growth.

Acting Styles:

Experience the fun of performance and creating without a script through this fundamental theatre technique.

Whether you’re an actor who wants to give better auditions or a student who wants to be more at ease when speaking in front of your peers, improvisation will help you think more quickly on your feet, unblock your creativity and think outside of the box! Step out of your comfort zone with this never-scary, always hilarious introduction to spontaneous performance. 

Acting Styles:

Explore theatre’s greatest works from Shakespeare to Chekhov to Moliere with emphasis on voice, diction, and classical acting techniques.

The great actors of every day had to start somewhere. It’s time for YOU to begin your journey! Always wanted to act, but were too nervous or unsure of where to begin? Now is your chance to explore new techniques and enhance your skills in a comfortable and relaxed setting! Through theatre games, acting exercises, and scene work, you will gain confidence and an enriched understanding of the craft. Learn the vocabulary and techniques that every actor must know while meeting new people along the way!

Summer Conservatory

Our summer program is four weeks of fun jam packed with courses of study for nearly every theatre discipline. Enjoy small-class learning for core classes and mixed-age groups for electives. Then, get ready for rehearsals as we work to create a full length showcase with scenes, songs, and dancing to present before an audience.

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