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Believe in 3Below!

Annual Membership Campaign

If you believe in what we do at 3Below Theaters, an annual membership is the best way to show your love. It is truly our pleasure to work as hard as we do knowing that our efforts are giving the community much needed joy. By sticking with us as we do our very best to hang on through the endemic, you are making it so 3Below can remain a sparkling jewel in the Downtown Arts scene.

Why Become a Member?

There are three simple reasons to become a member:

  1. You want huge discounts on tickets to 100s of annual events – only Members get access to the lowest prices we’ll offer at any time.
  2. You want free stuff every time you visit 3Below.
  3. You want to help 3Below Theaters thrive.

It’s really that simple. Memberships keep our doors open.

Members are the life-blood of our operation. We love our members because you believe in what we do. Therefore, we’ll do everything we can to take great care of you, too!

19 Exclusive Member Benefits!

In addition to thanking you for believing in us and for your participation in all things 3Below we also want to go a little further and make it worth your while to be a member so we’ve put together a benefits package that far and away exceeds the cost of the annual membership. You’ll enjoy:

  • Savings Benefits – the lowest discount on tickets to shows, films, events, and registration on classes
  • Special Event Benefits – we’ll host monthly and annual Members Only events just for you!
  • Box Office Benefits – free exchanges, show swaps, and other perks at the box office
  • Gifts & Giveaways – you’ll receive a “house warming gift” at your first event once you become a member and a little something every time you attend an event at 3Below

It’s A Tough Time for the Arts. You Can Help.

Across the country, theaters are suffering. Many have announced a pause in new productions and laid off the majority of its staff. Some theaters have simply closed for good. Each struggles with reduced contributions and severely depressed ticket sales. Even Broadway is not immune, only 83% of its audience returned this past season. Read more…

Savings Benefits:

Value: savings up to $30 per Playhouse ticket

We produce 4-6 Playhouse productions each year and for each of these shows 3Believers save big! Want to save even more? Order early during our annual membership campaign; you could pay up to 45% less on tickets than non-members! And you never have to worry about seeing a lower price for tickets.

Value: savings up to $5 per Arthouse ticket

When you come to experience a film in our Arthouse series, you’ll enjoy the lowest price on movie tickets. That includes tickets for new movies, classic films, singalongs and special events like Royal Opera screenings and Exhibition on Screen.

Value: savings up to $10 per ticket

3Believers also enjoy savings on tickets to our Clubhouse events. We offer 12 events each year including mini-musicals, holiday celebrations, and exclusive parties like our Pirate Party, Tea Party, Princess Party, and Potter Party every year. 

Value: savings up to $80 per class

Our Schoolhouse is in session year round with creative and performing arts classes for youth, teens, adults, and seniors. The only way to enjoy discounts on tuition for classes is to become a 3Believer!

Value: 20% savings per ticket

Introduce a friend to 3Below! When you reserve their ticket and bring them along to an event, they’ll enjoy your 3Believers ticket discount. It’s a great way to share some joy and encourage more people to become supporters of 3Below.

Value: 10% off at 3Below Cafe

3Believers enjoy a discount at 3Below Cafe! It’s just another way we can show our appreciation for your support of what we are doing here. So grab your hot buttered popcorn and Junior Mints, flash your 3Believers Member ID card and save!

Value: 10% Off 3Below Merch

We are slowly but surely building our little store at 3Below. T-shirts, tumblers, hats…cast recordings on CD, show memorabilia…it’s all available to 3Believers at 10% off.

Special Event Benefits:

Value: priceless

No less than two times a year, we’ll host free Members Only events and you’re invited! Current plans include A Night at The Oscars, Red Carpet at the Tonys, after parties, family game nights, broadway karaoke, open mic nights, and more.

Value: priceless

Members Only: We will host monthly meet ups in our recently lovingly-renovated Magical Library to sit back, relax and listen to stories and poems being read aloud, share your thoughts, and meet new people. A very informal gathering, 3B’s Reading Group encourages everyone to share their thoughts on what is being read.

Value: priceless

Members Only! Each month’s Stage & Screen Society meeting will feature workshop activities, discussion, the opportunity to meet and talk with writers, directors, designers, actors, and much more.

Box Office Benefits:

Value: equal to the price you paid for your tickets

It happens: we get all excited about an upcoming event only to find that the dates conflict with a big life event. Only Members can swap tickets from one event to another like-event so you don’t lose out on your ticket purchase. (Show Swaps must be made 24 hours prior to the Member’s existing showtime.) 

Value: $5 per ticket

A terrific perk! We receive tons of requests from folks hoping to exchange their tickets because someone in their party gets ill or someone can’t make it on the date they chose. 3Believers get to enjoy this benefit for free instead of paying the $5 per ticket exchange fee.

Value: priceless

Securing tickets early, avoiding long wait times, and access to prime seating are top benefits for 3Believers. Before sales go on sale to the general public, Members Only will receive advance notice of tickets-on-sale.

Gifts & Giveaways:

Value: up to $18

Your Membership includes free tickets just for coming to movies you already want to see. See 10 movies and your 11th visit is free. The best part is you don’t have to keep track of a punch card because our box office system does the tracking for you!

Value: $20

Who doesn’t love some free swag? This 20oz soda tumbler will have the 3Below logo branded on it or perhaps a collectible show logo! Bring it to 3Below when you attend events and pay half the price for soda.

Value: priceless

At each of our Playhouse productions, 3Believers will receive a Playhouse Pack filled with goodies, giveaways, and other fun stuff all tied in to that day’s performance. Another way we let our members know how special you are.

Value: priceless

Every time you attend an Arthouse event, you can give our prize wheel a spin. The prize wheel will be filled with fun stuff for movie lovers, giveaways to make your next trip to 3Below even more enjoyable, and even some high-value prizes. Only 3Believers get to spin the Membership Spinning Wheel!

Value: priceless

When you come to our Clubhouse events, you’ll feel like a member of the club with a collectible button themed to the event? Whether it’s our Alice in Wonderland Tea Party event or our Saturday Morning Cartoon pajama party, we’ll have a nifty pin waiting for you to add to your 3B lanyard.

Value: priceless

Once you’re a 3Believer, you’ll receive access to our online Member Suite so you can quickly take care of exchanges, access other benefits, easily view your list of benefits, and more. You’ll also receive a Membership Card with a 3B lanyard to flash at the 3Below Cafe for 10% off. 

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