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We are so happy to have you as a Member and more importantly, as a 3Believer! Our membership program is brand new so please bear with us as we work out the kinks to make this program the best we can for you. 

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Special Offers

And here’s where you’ll find Exclusive 3Believers Special Offers. Throughout the year we’ll be working with restaurants and businesses to get even more perks for our favorite people: you!

$36 Tickets for Playhouse Series Productions

$36 tickets? Yep! Everyone else will be paying $45-$65 for their tickets but our 3Believers who order a package with all five productions at the same time will pay just $36 per ticket if ordered by February 14, 2024. Ready to save?

Updates & Member News

Here’s where you’ll find Exclusive 3Believers Updates, insider info, and the scoop on your favorite neighborhood theater. 

3Believers-Only Events

Here’s where you’ll find info on our exclusive events just for 3Believers. Expect 2-4 events per year!

This is an exclusive 3Believers-only contact form that will get routed to multiple people on our team to ensure you receive as prompt a reply as we can offer. (Note: if you need to reach us to exchange tickets, please click here)