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288 S Second St, San Jose, CA
288 S Second St, San Jose, CA

Theater Classes for Adults

Meet people with shared interests and make friends while gaining insight into the discipline of theatre. Each class will end with a final showcase for friends and family to come explore all of the fun and hard work that was put into the quarter! We welcome students of all abilities, including those with disabilities and children who are developmentally typical.

Adult Ensemble

Each session, students will have the opportunity to get a taste of multiple aspects of theatre arts by enjoying one class each in a number of subjects. We’ll start by covering Basic Stage Skills in the first couple of classes where you’ll learn the language of theater. Then, in each subsequent class, students will be given an introduction to a variety of specialities: playwriting, makeup design, costume design, clowning, dance, improvisation, basic music theory, puppetry, and much more – all chosen by the participants. The goal is to help students discover untapped interests in any of the many fields of theatre arts.

No experience necessary: this is an opportunity for interested adults to explore their creative talents as well as meet other people in a fun framework to explore the rich diversity and talents of the local community.

Community Chorus

Music and theatre lovers age 18 and up with a love of singing and working with others are invited to join San Jose Playhouse’s Community Chorus. 

Sing songs and learn great music with folks who love to sing under the tutelage of professional music directors, and perform a concert at the end of each session. 

No previous experience is necessary; just a willingness to get involved, take part and have fun!

Introduction to Acting

The great actors of every day had to start somewhere. It’s time for YOU to begin your journey! Always wanted to act, but were too nervous or unsure of where to begin? Now is your chance to explore new techniques and enhance your skills in a comfortable and relaxed setting! Through theatre games, acting exercises, and scene work, you will gain confidence and an enriched understanding of the craft. Learn the vocabulary and techniques that every actor must know while meeting new people along the way!

Scene Study

Learn and discover the proper approach to scene work and character development by using what the playwright has given you on the page. Continue your self discovery as an artist while building your ability and vocabulary for further advanced study. Students will delve into one full-length scene throughout the quarter utilizing theatre exercises, coaching from the instructor, and reading discussions to bring the scene to life.

Special attention will be given to scenes and songs from the San Jose Playhouse current season, delving into the text and learning acting techniques that will help bring the words and lyrics to life. 

Advanced Scene Study

Fundamentals of scene study and character analysis. Intensive individual work on monologues and scenes. The more advanced student will explore elements of style and audition techniques. 

This class is designed for the serious student who is able to rehearse with their scene partners outside of class. This intense scene-study course focuses on making strong choices toward discovering objective, taking risks, and living in the moment through rigorous and exhilarating personal coaching. 



Experience the fun of performance and creating without a script through this fundamental theatre technique.

Whether you’re an actor who wants to give better auditions or an accountant who wants to be more at ease when speaking in front her peers, improvisation will help you think more quickly on your feet, unblock your creativity and think outside of the box! Step out of your comfort zone with this never-scary, always hilarious introduction to spontaneous performance. 

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