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High School Partnerships

3Below’s high school partnerships inspire a new generation of theatregoers by providing Silicon Valley high school students with the opportunity to see high-quality, professional theatre for free thanks to sponsorships.

Our sponsors are firm believers that today’s youth are leading lives that are more and more insular and that by being deprived of opportunities to share the experience of a live theatrical production or other such interactive event, they are being denied the chance to experience something truly meaningful and perhaps even life-altering.

As cliché as it may now sound, we believe the children are our future. It is this belief that anchors our mission of making unique and innovative programming available to students on a regular basis, for free or heavily subsidized.

Program includes:

  • tickets to the shows in our Playhouse Theatre Series
  • a pre-show lesson plan that includes theatre games, teasers and discussion questions
  • a post-show lesson for further enrichment with activities that draw on their experience as audience members
  • participation in an immediate post-show discussion with the cast and director

Students will also take time to write a letter to their Sponsor describing their reactions to the performances.