288 S Second St, San Jose, CA

Only in Theaters

Special Event Including Documentary Film Screening and Conversation with Greg Laemmle & Tish Laemmle

7:30pm | Saturday, February 25, 2023
93 minute film + post screening conversation with the film’s subjects, Greg Laemmle and Tish Laemmle

“Only In Theaters”, a film by Raphael Sbarge featuring
Allison Anders, Cameron Crowe, Ava DuVernay, Nicole Holofcener, James Ivory, Kenneth Turan, Bruce Joel Rubin, Leaonard Maltin, Michael Renov, Mark Ulano and more

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Greg Laemmle is the President of Laemmle Theatres, a family-owned and operated company
that has been exhibiting movies in Los Angeles since 1938.

ONLY IN THEATERS, a film by actor/director Raphael Sbarge, is an intimate and moving journey taken with the Laemmle family, spanning nearly three years of challenges, losses, and personal triumphs.

The movie-going experience has always been there for us…but will that always be the case? Laemmle Theatres, the beloved 84-year-old arthouse cinema chain in Los Angeles with deep ties to the history of Hollywood, is facing seismic change and downward pressure. Yet the family behind this multigenerational business – whose sole mission has been to support the art of film – is determined to see it survive. In this dark time for in-theater arthouse cinema in America, director Raphael Sbarge’s ONLY IN THEATERS about the history and current state of the Laemmle Theatre chain is an important opportunity for reflection, nostalgia, gathering as a community, and forging a new path forward.