at 3Below Theaters
288 S Second St, San Jose, CA
288 S Second St, San Jose, CA


San Jose Playhouse presents a new take on the age-old interview format by bringing the interviewee’s stories to life, in the moment, right before your eyes!

How It Works

San Jose Stories is an unforgettable, two-act theatrical experience that allows its audience to be completely enthralled by the storyteller, the stories, and the actor/improvisers who bring the stories to life.

In the 30-40 minute first act, our host will interview the night’s special guest. Who will it be? Anyone from San Jose whose story needs to be told! The list of honorary guests will range from local celebrities and heroes to those in our community whose voices have yet to be heard. And what will they talk about? From childhood memories to their triumphs as adults, each special guest will highlight moments in their life as our host guides them down memory lane. As the audience takes in the guest star’s stories, so too are our performers and as act one ends and the audience adjourns to the lobby for more great eats and treats these talented actor/improvisers spring into action to quickly construct the bones of an enchanting theatrical one-act in just 15 minutes. They’ll take the stage for Act Two to dazzle the audience – which now includes the guest star! – with an improvised play with music, movement, comedy, and poignance to celebrate our star and their San Jose Stories.

Know someone who would be a perfect subject for San Jose Stories? We welcome nominations! Click here to send us your idea for a special guest for San Jose Stories.

Guest stars and shotimes to be announced soon